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Production and sustainability

The world population is growing rapidly, placing considerable pressure on food production. Since there are limits to the amount of agricultural land available, the yield per square metre must be improved. To minimise long-term damage to the soil, it is essential to reduce the use of crop protection agents and fertilisers. At the same time, demand for organic produce continues to rise and there is growing consumer interest in seasonal vegetables and ‘local for local’ products.

Local varieties
We make an important contribution to improving the sustainability of vegetable production, such as by developing local varieties and increasing the yield per square metre. Resistances to diseases and plagues enable growers to reduce their use of crop protection agents. We also play a role in the development of sustainable crop production techniques, and we offer a wide range of varieties for organic or hydroponic production.

Case study: ‘Consumers can grow their own fresh and sustainable lettuce’

Hugo's story

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