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Efficiency and shelf life

A significant professionalisation process is currently underway globally in both the production and the sale of vegetables. Supply chains are becoming more complex and losses must be minimised. All the links in the chain are demanding greater efficiency. Growers want crops that are easy to harvest and clean, and processing companies want products that generate a healthy profit. Fine-tuning is continuously necessary to ensure fresh and affordable products for consumers.

Healthy profit
As a breeding company, fine-tuning is in our DNA. For example, we will work to develop a melon with a slightly smaller seed cavity so that it generates a higher profit for processing companies. Or we will fine-tune a tomato plant for slightly less fullness to reduce the pruning work for growers. Technological advancements can influence certain breeding objectives. We are working on spinach with uniform growth, for instance, to facilitate mechanical harvesting.

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Bauke's story

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